The importance of online personal reputation repair at the time of social recruiting:

Social networks are a very powerful presentation showcase and if used correctly, they can really be a springboard for your personal reputation repair on the web . Personal reputation repair is nothing more than the promotion of yourself and your professionalism and is the keyword if you are looking for a new job, especially since social recruiting has exploded. Here social media gives us the opportunity to show off our qualities and to build a network of contacts that can be useful for finding new professional opportunities.

Recruiters particularly appreciate candidates who participate in discussions on social networks on topics of interest to them, especially if they are related to their professional fields, and who demonstrate that they are open to constructive discussion, even with those with more years of experience.

How to make the social profile attractive in the eyes of recruiters?

Good digital conduct and well-managed social profiles can bring invaluable added value to your online reputation. Here are some tips for managing your social networks!

‍ Make your biographical profile complete : enter the most relevant information, educational background, professional experience, hobbies and interests… and choose a profile photo that is as professional as possible reputation.

‍ Pay attention to the network : build a good network of contacts by sending targeted contact requests in line with your personal reputation repair (for example on LinkedIn you can ask for the connection to the human resources manager of the company you would like to work for).

‍Watch out for the content you post! Post professional reputation content that enhances your skills, tells who you are and expresses a positive image. Follow the company profiles and groups of your interest and if you intervene in conversations, always try to have an excellent conduct (avoid talking about politics, religion and burning issues and beware of vulgarity and spelling errors).

‍ Set privacy filters : make sure that not everyone can view the contents of your complete profile, especially on more personal social networks such as Facebook reputation and Instagram which are by their nature less professional than Linkedin. It is necessary to avoid that recruiters can have access to personal information that could negatively influence their judgment on your professionalism.

Why is it so important to have a LinkedIn profile ?

If you are looking for a job, you can’t not have a profile on Linkedin!

Linkedin is the professional social network par excellence (11 million users in Italy alone), a sort of online curriculum , a showcase that showcases your working qualities reputation, with the possibility of also getting in touch with recruiters and potential employers . Furthermore, Linkedin is a real database for searching for job offers (in competition with the famous portals such as Indeed) and offers the possibility to those who select personnel to search for the ideal candidate based on professional characteristics.


Most companies publish job offers directly on Linkedin and it is simple and immediate to apply directly with your profile as if it were a CV.Here, therefore, that having a profile on Linkedin is absolutely essential and must be constantly updated. The most significant part is the one that refers to work experiences, but prizes, awards and professional projects, as well as one’s personal aptitudes, should also be mentioned.

How to have an interesting LinkedIn profile ?

Constantly update the profile : as you update the classic CV, the same must be done with the Linkedin profile! Maybe every now and then also insert a new profile photo to make it more dynamic.

‍Translate the profile into English . If you intend to work abroad, for a multinational or for companies dealing with export, it may be a good idea to translate the profile into English (to do this there is a specific feature on Linkedin).

‍ Don’t overlook the table of contents: the initial part of the Linkedin profile allows you to enter a quick but exhaustive description of what you are and can do and must always be entered. In fact, it allows recruiters to immediately have a clear idea of ​​your professional profile. The summary should be short and engaging; you can enter a more in-depth description of your qualification or be more creative and talk about yourself … what matters is to be concise and not neglect the importance of keywords (the keywords thanks to which the Linkedin algorithm allows recruiters to find the our profile based on a specific search. The keywords must however be entered in all the fields of the profile.)

‍ Complete all the fields of the profile: make the profile as complete as possible, including all the descriptions of your work experiences; list the results obtained (perhaps with direct links), insert documents, PDFs, presentations, course certificates and certifications.


How to attract recruiters on LinkedIn?

Get noticed visually too . Don’t forget the importance of the graphic impact, so plenty of room for professional background images, videos, infographic slides and everything that can tell your work.

‍ Use Status Updates – Post constant updates to stay active by talking about your latest work and sharing interesting posts. It is also important to actively reputation participate in the discussions of your interest through comments and considerations (this helps to create a network reputation of contacts and to highlight your professional skills).

Ask for recommendations: Asking people who have worked or work with you to post a recommendation on your skills is absolutely essential to make your profile even more attractive to recruiters. Obviously, if you ask someone for a recommendation, it is a good idea to return reputation the courtesy by writing it back.

‍ Build your network of contacts . There are 3 types of people to include on Linkedin: contacts you know personally, people who have many connections and experts in your professional field. It is important to customize the sentence when sending a contact request to be more original and less obvious. In addition to personal profiles, the company pages of companies are also important to follow.